Bobble of the Day

Player: Ben Roethlesber 

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers (80 Seasons) 

Year: 2012

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

This Big Ben was released by FOCO back in 2012 and these sold out faster than Eddie Lacy could eat a dozen donuts. The Steelers a few times per year wear their “Retro” uniforms and many people dislike them but I’m on the other side. I love the yellow and black stripes on the jersey and the light tan pants. I’m a sucker for “old school” uniforms and I think more teams should revert back to them during the regular season more often. I really dig the wool hat Ben is wearing as he probably just threw a TD and now is straight chilling on the sidelines. The base is very unique as it represents the Steelers 80 years of playing in the NFL. Black and Yellow colors are mixed in on the top of the base and the years 1933-2102 depict the 80 seasons Pittsburgh has played. Can you guess the other feature that I love on this one? 

If you guessed the raised lettering you get a free bobblehead! 

Big Ben’s name is plastered in white raised lettering which looks bad ass against the black base and the lower yellow stripe. 


img_2391  img_2392


Sniper Rating: Listen, Big Ben gets a bad wrap for all the immature shit he’s done over the years. One, which includes the rape allegations, is why I can see fans disliking him. It looks as if he’s turned the corner and has dramatically matured. Put that aside, there’s no doubt he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback. He’s got 2 Super Bowl rings and he plays in a high powered offense. In conclusion, if you can get your hands on this “Retro” do it. It’s an absolute must have in your collection considering the amount of detail put forth by Forever Collectibles. This would score a sure fire 10 rating if the box was decked out in the Steeler colors but they went el cheap O and made it a boring simple black box. Big Ben in his “Retro” uni scores a 8.5.