Bobble of the Day

Player: Ben Roethlisberger  

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Year: 2009

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

There’s not an NFL Sunday that goes by in which barley anyone has a positive thing to say about Big Ben. I’m not saying ESPN and the NFL Network make fun of him and talk bad about him, but it seems not to many people have any nice things to say about him. Yes, did he fuck up with the alleged rape accusation with the girl in a bar bathroom? Should he have ridden a motorcycle at such a young age when a lucrative contract was in front of him? The bottom line is anyone and everyone fucks up. Big Big is beyond those days. He was young and stupid. He’s now got a wife and family and the best wide receiver in the game to throw to every Sunday. 

This is Big Ben’s 2009 Super Bowl XLIII championship ring base bobble. It’s definitely a cool bobble but it doesn’t blow the shingles off the fucking roof. It’s a pretty standard bobble that features Roethlisberger in his white jersey with Steeler yellow colored pants. I’d say the facial features are on point with the go-tee that stands out. The base of the bobble is where it’s at. On the top of the base it has the green grass and the white lines of a football field. The ring sits on top with the Steelers logo in front. I totally dig the Super Bowl emblem that says, “Super Bowl Champions”. 




Sniper Rating: Nothing to flashy about this one Snipers. It’s a cool one to have if your a Steelers fan or for some reason you like Big Ben and it’s available on Ebay for a shade under $40.00. I think Big Ben’s name could have been spread out across the front of the base instead of off to the side. Not much here folks as Big Ben’s 2009 Super Bowl ring base bobble scores a soft 6.0.