Bobble of the Day

Player: Aaron Rodgers

Team: Green Bay Packers

Year: 2012

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Can we all put to rest that Rodgers has the most talent at his position in the NFL? Ya, Brady has the rings and Brees always leads the league in yards thrown but Rodgers has the skill set to destroy those two QB’s. This one is special because Rodgers is the first NFL QB to throw for 4,000 plus yards in his first two seasons in the NFL. Brett Favre who? Rodgers jumped right in and has the Packer faithful forgetting about Brett Favre pretty damn fast. 

The 4,000 yards emblem in the front is the first thing that stands out on this one. It’s just screaming attention. His stance is legit as he’s ready to throw a seed to Donald Driver or Greg Jennings. I’ve always loved the Packer colors of bright yellow and green. There’s a tremendous amount of detail as his towel and hand warmer around the waist is an added plus.



Sniper Rating: This one is very rare Snipers. It was only limited to #500 and they went fast. Yes, does Rodgers have a lot of bobbles out there in the bobblehead world? Yes, but this one put him on the scene as the league’s best QB. 4,000 yards in anyone’s first 2 seasons is incredible. Get this one quickly if you can find it as it’s worthy of a 9.5 rating.