Anywhere from October to late December are my second favorite bobblehead months. Obviously, the summer months are prime for collector’s to Snipe and create leverage but the middle of the Fall season is just as important. The heavy, heavy sniping season has calmed down dramatically as there still are SGA games sprayed in here or there, but nothing like the summer months.

For me, it’s a time to regroup from the craziness of the sniping season. The leaves start to change, the weather gets cooler, football is in full swing and major holidays are right around the corner.

If you’re a big time collector and you like adding tons of bobbles to your collection, then you know how busy the summer months get. You’re always checking Facebook and Twitter pages for the new SGA coming out. You’re either going to the game to Snipe or setting up multiple trades with other Snipers across the country. You know you have to be on top of your fucking game and not allow anything to slip by.

During these Fall and Winter months, I spend a ton time organizing and displaying all Sga’s I’ve acquired throughout the year. Given all of the inventory that goes in and out of the bobble cave, it’s my personal time to organize and get my life back in order. I contact trade partners to get rid of extra bobbles or list them on eBay to make room. I also calculate my expenses throughout the sniping season to see what I’ve spent and what I traded away. This is extremely important to look at year in and year out for financial reasons. I also record which bobbles I haven’t scored but are still on my radar. 

I’m in a little bit of a different situation than most as I also spend countless hours on creating content which takes an enormous amount of time, which is the main reason why I enjoy the Fall and Winter months. You heavy duty Snipers know what I’m talking about as I know many of you have stacks and stacks of bobbles just laying around. Grab a cold beer on a cold Thursday night, turn on the game and get to work. Take a long look at what you’ve built over the year and the leverage you created. Learn from what you did well and what you can work on the following year.

Lastly, if you ask me in my honest opinion what sort of weather is my favorite to work down in the Bobble Cave is…..without question a 12 hour down pour of snow when the entire East Coast is on lockdown and nobody can move. That’s when I get the most amount of work done and it puts my mind at ease. The coziness of a cold, snowy night with awesome fucking bobbles to work on is ideal for any collector.