Tired of waiting in mile long lines for a bobblehead giveaway?

This part of bobblehead collecting really pisses me off. It’s a 7:05 first pitch game, the gates open at 4:30 and the first 15,000 people who enter the stadium get handed a bobblehead. Why do we need to get in line at 1:00 pm or even 11:00 am for God’s sake? We spend money on a ticket, $20.00+ on parking and of course food and drink within the stadium. Just for a bobblehead? Who I really feel bad for are the people who live in Florida, Arizona and California as I’m sure it reaches 92 plus degrees standing in line. People are sweating their asses off, farting and just miserable. 

Well I have a solution for this problem. 

How about when you purchase a ticket from whatever source it is, you pay an extra $5.00 for a bobblehead voucher? You have to be present by the 3rd inning to obtain the bobblehead or you can go kick rocks. This eliminates standing in line like an asshole getting all types of pissed off. Wherever your seat may be you go to that level of the stadium and obtain your bobble. With a voucher in hand along with your ticket to the game, you are guaranteed a bobble. Sounds simple right? I myself along with ALL of you arrive hours early because everyone freaks the f@*^$ out because they want to make sure they get the bobble. 

I feel organizations get a kick while thousands upon thousands of fans are lined up 6 hours before game time with their tripod chairs and umbrella’s on hot and sticky days.

All MLB teams, do vouchers. Make it comfortable for the fans instead of all of us getting pissed off, pushing people and if you don’t have a voucher your shit out of luck. Period. 

Here’s evidence of the long, annoying lines where people push, sweat and are just overall miserable.