Stereotypes of Bobbleheads
(That is not me in the picture) 
Bobbleheads have an overwhelming negative stereotype, especially if you’re an adult that collects them. It’s not about these corny little bobbleheads. It’s about something you are passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you’re into collecting knives, guns, hats, sneakers, art paintings, cars, recipes or bobbleheads. It’s what makes you happy and the need to fulfill your urge to be happy. Who gives a shit if you’re a collector? Be you and fuck what others think.
I cannot tell you the amount of times when my bro’s have first come down to my empire (bobble cave) of displayed bobbleheads, each individually organized in one of my massive cabinets.  The first thing they say is “Dude, this is creepy, this is weird, do you jerk off to them at night?” Then we’re out at a bar the following weekend and the subject of sports comes up and I over hear one of my bro’s say to another guy, “Dude my buddy over here has a massive collection, you gotta come check it out, it’s bad ass!” The following weekend we are watching football and drinking beers and I notice them taking the time to look at certain ones or asking, “Where’d you get this one?” The best one that cracks me up is when it’s one of my buddies birthdays, and I gift wrap a bobble and give it to them of their favorite team or player. The following fucking day, I’ll get a text with a picture showing the bobble I gave them sitting on their desk at work and they proceed to tell me 4 people have come by asking about it. Then, the conversation starts around the water cooler. I’m not here to justify that bobbleheads are cool. I know they’re fucking cool. My point is, it doesn’t matter what you’re into, it’s about what you have a passion for that makes you successful in life.
Here are some bobbles my bro’s have on their desks at work.