Why I stand by my Motivational Quotes.

Here is a perfect example of why I write the Motivational Quotes daily. To help people, to motivate people and the fact that I care. The following situation is the reason why I stand by the shit I say and more importantly what I BELIEVE IN.

I was checking out several Insta accounts the other night and I came across an SGA that a person had extra’s of. He literally said on his post, “I have several extra’s and DM me for a cool bobblehead story on how I got so many”. I DM’ed him and he told me a cool story how he got so many and it was cool. It really was. So, within minutes we were working on a trade for this recent SGA that was given away that he got a bunch of. 

We came to a disagreement on what his bobblehead was worth. Some were selling for $60.00, some for $80.00 and some for $40.00 with free shipping. He wanted closer to $100.00 + from me worth in bobbles I was going to send him. I rejected his offer and we agreed on a bobble from me that was worth $60.00+ and I would plug his page considering he only has 250 followers. Most people charge $50.00-$100.00 for shout outs depending who you are. 

It was late and I told him I was going to crash and that we would exchange shipping addresses tomorrow and he agreed. 

The following day, I received a DM from him and it read, “Sorry man, I just sold the bobble. So Sorry. Too good of a deal to pass up. Just don’t block me because I like looking at your page daily and want to do future trades”. 

  1. Do I want to do future trades with him after he dicked me over? Fuck no!
  2. You made a deal and then you back out because the extra $30.00 you were getting is that important?
  3. Do I write blogs and provide content daily for him to just enjoy and then you back door me? That’s the level of respect he has for me? 

Many of the quotes and blogs I post, talk about treating people with the same respect as they give to you. No matter how good you are to someone you have to start treating people the way they treat you. 

Now, you don’t want me to block you, but it’s okay for you to creep on my feed and website for free? Do I ever charge anyone a fee or ask for money for anything? No. I do what I do to help people. To build a community to help other’s. He know’s I have a powerful following and enough bobbleheads to clear his whole fucking house with and you back out of a trade, but at the same time he still wants me to provide him with content for his enjoyment? 

Many of you will say,”It’s probably some kid that’s 14 years old and he doesn’t know any better”. Your right, he is in middle school, but you know what? He is going to learn. You learn from your mistakes and he’s just made a big one. I’m not sitting here on a pedestal thinking I’m better than anyone, but I know I deserve a better amount of respect for what I do and the time I put in to my followers. It’s not about the bobblehead. I can buy it right now with no worries. It’s about the principle and the character you put forth in your everyday life. And right now he doesn’t deserve anything I provide and never will. 

All in all, it came down to money. Money surrounds us all. But that $30.00 extra dollars he got will never outweigh what I can provide to him in 5, 10, 15 years and so on. He will never win a free bobble giveaway that happens monthly, he will not have access to my feed, he will not have access to the website. EVER. 

This is the reason why I post these quotes Snipers. Plain and simple. It’s not a about some ceramic/resin bobblehead made over in China. It’s bigger than that. It’s a principle of how you treat other’s, not a bobblehead.

Send me a DM or email me if you’d like his Insta name so this doesn’t happen to any of you in the future. 

Lastly, he messaged me last night and I quote, he says, “Can you help me get more IG followers”? 

Is this kid out of his mind? Lessons to be learned Snipers, treat people the same way you would like to be treated.