This protesting and kneeling during the National Anthem is getting tiresome. Everyone’s had their opinions, so it’s only right that I give my take on this. 

This national protest with players kneeling and waiting in the locker room while the Anthem is being sung, is a very complicated issue. I can definitely 100% see both sides of the equation, but what is the most recent reason why? Is it still police brutality towards African Americans? Is it what President Trump said 2 weeks ago? Every single FUCKING week it changes. I feel some players just join the crowd half the time because they don’t even know better. 

Here’s my ultimate take. The players that kneel are under contract, meaning they get paid from their employer. They are “employees” to their organization. Players that are choosing to protest during “work hours” are being insubordinate per their contract.  

According to the definition of insubordinate is the following:


1. not submitting to authority; disobedient: not following the contractual rules

If you’re at work and chose not to follow your employers rules, you will be terminated or suspended. The guy that works at FedEx or CBS that refuses to obey to the guidelines set forth, they will receive a consequence. You wanna know what the difference is between the FedEx guy and professional athlete? They are not in the limelight. They are not celebrities. They aren’t making 7.0 million dollars per year that these athletes are. They are allowed to take a stand because of who they are. The same doesn’t apply to the average worker. An owner will not suspend 7 of his players for kneeling during the Anthem. It just won’t happen.
And now what Trump said, it’s getting worse. Should he have opened his mouth? No. He may be right or wrong but as aggressive and controversial as he is, he should have kept his yapper shut. 
But here’s my question. Is anything being accomplished? The camera man sure makes it a point to film the players that are kneeling. The media and especially ESPN sure get their rocks off to it. But has anything changed? The answer’s no. If anything, it’s making our society more divided between races. More and more hate is developing from this.
I’m a “by the book” kind of guy. I personally feel as an active employee, you should adhere to your boss. Yes, the guy that writes your fucking check every 2 weeks. You wanna protest after the game in the middle of the street, then go ahead. I get these athletes are in the spotlight and millions are watching, but it’s literally doing nothing.  Nothing has come of it and nothing will. Bottom line. And I won’t get into the disrespecting the military and the armed forces that serve our country because that’s another entire issue. 
Stand the fuck up and honor our country and if you wanna protest and make a statement, do it away from your place of work.