This blog has been WAYYYYY OVERDUE. 

Okay, enough is enough. Manufacturers will be not be mentioned but you know who they are. Cubbies, we get you broke the historical curse to win the title last year. 

I have news for you. The Red Sox broke their million year curse back in 2004 and we never oversaturated the market like what the Cubs are doing. In 04, the Red Sox came out with one variant series, “Fear the Beard”. That’s it! 

Now, let’s take a look at all these nonsense “Special Edition” bobbleheads.

The David Ross getting carried off the field exclusive? Come on, I know he’s old and it was his last run at a title but Fowler and Rizzo carrying him as a “send off”? Lose it.

Kris Bryant “Final Out” bobble? Should they do a last pitch out bobble? Should they do a last strike called bobble?

Anthony Rizzo “Final Out” bobble? So, we have one bobble throwing the final out to first base and now we have the guy that caught the final out as a so called, “Special Bobblehead”? Save it okay.

Ben Zobrist “Ticket Base” arms and hands pointed up and yelling? Hmmmm…little much huh?

Anthony Rizzo swinging a baseball bat on a “special” Ticket Base? No thanks.

Arolois Chapman throwing a baseball on a “Special Ticket Base” bobblehead. Yes, he was great and over worked in the World Series but that doesn’t warrant him a “Special Edition Bobble”. And what’s stupid about it, is the fact that every Cubs fan knew that he was going back to the Yankees as soon as the parade ended in Chicago. Some loyalty.

Addison Russell swinging a baseball bat on an oh so “Special Edition Ticket Base” bobblehead? No thanks. Waste of money and a very forgettable player.

Now, the only, and I mean “ONLY”,  Special Edition bobblehead should be the Joe Maddon “The Curse is Over!” with Joe holding the leash with the goat on it. This is a piece of history. This bobblehead alone shows it all. It shows the Cubs finally won the World Series and end of story. Move on and let’s get to the next season.

The fact of the matter is I didn’t even mention the regular trophy bobbleheads and the million “Newspaper Base” bobbleheads that were produced. Way OVERKILL and enough is enough. 

I know this team went through a special year. They overcame all obstacles to win the World Series and relieved many fans in the city of Chicago. We all get that. I guess what it comes down to is money. Companies are mass producing anything they can to make the extra buck. I also know I am not the only one who feels this way. What I hope for, is many diehard Cubs bobblehead collectors to NOT buy all these extra stupid bobbleheads. Do you think an Addison Russell “Ticket Base” bobblehead will go up in value in years to come? Hell no. How about the Chapman for example. You think anyone would search in the next 5 years top and bottom for this one, when he was literally a “used” player? The answer is no. Please, take a stand and refuse to buy them because they will empty your wallet and flat out it’s completely 100% unnecessary. Period. 

P.S. Should they make a “Special Edition” umpire calling the last out bobblehead? Or maybe they should make a “Popcorn” selling vendor bobblehead that sold his last box of popcorn before the final out?