What I mean by this, is do you collect just one team, multiple teams, or have your collection scattered all over the place?


Originally, when I started collecting, I only had a vision to collect Red Sox bobbles. As time went on, I started to develop a likeness for multiple teams and players. For months, all I focused on were Seattle Mariner bobbles and specifically Ichiro, Griffey and King Felix. That stopped abruptly and then I turned my attention to SF Giants and Dodger bobbles. Soon after, Trout and Harper were the new studs in the game and I soon found myself scoring a shit ton of their bobbles.

I went through many” binge collecting” for quite a few years. Now, I am currently all over the place. I get shit sent to me on a weekly basis from the 4 major sports and I’ve enjoyed collecting the movie character bobbles. I would advise staying committed to you’re favorite team but who the fuck am I to tell you what to do, as I just explained that my collection is all over the place as far as variety. The only negative with a massive, scattered collection is space. Space in most homes are extremely limited as the big cabinets take up a lot of room and then there’s hearing it from the wife or girlfriend.

My ultimate suggestion is buy whatever the fuck you desire and not worry about anything. If it makes you happy then you’ve won. Bottom line. We’re on this earth for a limited amount of time so Snipe any bobble you desire.