We live in a society that when people observe other people fail, it brings them enjoyment. People love seeing people fail. It’s reality and it’s the way it is unfortunately. People find humor in other’s misfortunes and it makes themselves feel better that a friend or colleague does not do well. If you are pursuing your goals and successes and something happens or stands in your way, just think of the people who would love to watch you hit rock bottom. Everyone knows that person who would love to see you fail. I sure do and I will not let it stop me. No way in fucking hell will I allow that to happen. 

If you’re lying on the floor and stay there those people will laugh their assess off in enjoyment. They thrive on it. Refuse to allow that to happen. Take RGIII for example. Yes, he’s had run ins with upper management and coaches on the Redskins staff  that got him knocked down to the fucking floor but he got back up and started game one this NFL season with the Browns (granted he got hurt and is now out). You get my point. He never gave up and worked his ass off to start on a new team and he did. 

My motto is this. I fall on the floor, you laugh. You kick me when I’m down and you chuckle. Mark my words, when I get back up (and I will) I will knock your teeth into next Monday because the fight isn’t over yet.