Patrick Mahomes owned the Ravens defense last week and now he owns the Kansas City Royals. Recently, the Royals announced that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has joined the ownership group. Mahomes grew up around the game of baseball, as the son of former MLB reliever Pat Mahomes. The portion that he owns has not been disclosed, but it is likely a very small portion. Mahomes’ father, Pat Mahomes, spent 11 seasons as a MLB pitcher, with stints with the Twins, Mets, Red Sox, Pirates, Rangers and Cubs. The younger Mahomes spent a large part of his childhood with his father in the various MLB clubhouses for which his father played.

Today, FOCO released a Mahomes “Real Owner” exclusive bobblehead to highlight such a tremendous accomplishment for the young star quarterback. It portrays Mahomes wearing Royals-colored suit holding a football and a baseball bat, because he’s a man of many talents. Mahomes is also wearing a Royals headband, pin. Last, FOCO added a field textured on the top of the base. 

This exclusive bobblehead is a pre-order and holds a price tag of $50.00 and has an expected delivery date of no later than November 30th. Click link below and use code sniper10 at checkout to save some money. 

Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Royals Owner Bobblehead