Bobblehead collector’s tend to think it’s easy to make a bobblehead. Yes, are friends over in China do a great job but why I’m so hung up on manufacturing companies, is because we spend our hard earned money on a product and we deserve the best quality that money can buy. 

For example, take a look at this Conor McGregor bobble that Success Promotions made for the Bobblehead Hall of Fame. His hair is detailed perfectly as well as his facial hair. This product demonstrates tremendous effort put forth. A prototype is always sent to the company who must approve it first. Every little detailed is examined from the hair line to the sneaker laces and once it’s good, then the flood gates open to have the numbered desired made.


Check out the sticker tattoos’ on McGregor’s chest. There’s at least 5 different color combinations and the sticker has to lay flat on his chiseled chest! How about the base? All of that print mixed in with VERY CLEAR photo’s of McGregor is not easy. I’ll say it again, IT IS NOT EASY. This is the prime reason we pay for a killer product. 

Success Promotions is on their way to top of the manufacturing pedestal. It will take time, but lately they have been hitting it out of the park.

I implore all you Snipers to pay close attention to the SGA’s you receive this upcoming baseball season. Pay attention to the manufacturing label on the bottom of the base. The more attention all of you pay to who makes our bobbles, the quicker we can weed out the companies who produce poor products (and you Snipers know who they are already). All it takes is one poorly made bobble and the rest is history. Here’s the Success Promotions website to take a look at what they’re doing.