This is one question I get asked all the time. Anyone who has a collection that’s over 50-75 bobbles knows that boxes can be very difficult to store. I’m sure the majority of us don’t own a 6,000 square foot house that has tons of storage, in which we can put our empty boxes. Therefore, you have to be creative. Very creative. 

The first option that most collectors think is either the basement or attic. For me, my basement is my bobble cave. I don’t have the room to store thousands of boxes. It’s just not gonna happen. My attic is the length of my house and unless you’re a midget, you won’t be able to stand up, nevermind kneel down. So, storing empty boxes up there is not an option. I have a small rafter in my garage that I’ve stored a few hundred bobble boxes but it’s not enough. 

A few years ago, I seriously looked into a storage unit. I went and took a look at several places and the smallest square footage one was $120.00 per month. That was a fine price for me but I knew I needed a much bigger one over time.  I soon realized that I had to rent a very large unit as my collection is ONLY growing and growing. I then asked myself, “Why the fuck am I going to pay some dipshit hundreds of dollars per month just to hold my empty cardboard boxes?”

And then I got creative. It clicked in my head that my parents don’t live to far away from me and they have a stand up attic that is very spacey. I borrowed a truck one afternoon and made 3-4 runs and placed them all in their attic and each big box was labeled. Genius idea. Although, I have to say that my parents weren’t home at the time I made the transfer, as they would have went ape shit, (especially my mom). So every now and then, I run a few big boxes up there and that’s where my main storage location is. 

Now, for many young collector’s you may have this theory. I’ve spoken to a few people who are just starting out collecting and I’ve asked them where they store their boxes. A few mentioned that it’s easy. You flip the lids of the boxes and fold them flat. Easy storage solution right? WRONG. And this is for very young collectors. There’s something called a styrofoam holder within the box and as well as a plastic insert(typically from a retail bobble). You cannot fold these. They are there to stay and therefore, you cannot fold them flat. That’s a big misconception that young collectors have. I wanna hear from you Snipers as sharing different ideas will allow other’s avenue’s to store there bobbles boxes.

P.S. If you live in a apartment in a major city that is small then your fucked. I don’t have any suggestions for you to store your boxes. My best guess is storage unit but I hate and despise paying the man to rent space!