How to Snipe Bobbleheads at any game. 

This blog is way overdue because I am constantly getting asked how to Snipe at games to obtain extra bobbleheads. Every Sniper has their own tactic as there’s really no right or wrong way to Snipe. I’ve witnessed several times people stealing bobbles when someone has their back turned or when a family goes to the bathroom and when they come back, their bobbles are missing. That’s fucked up in the worst way and it bothers me when I see it. I’m no rat but it really pisses me off and I only hope karma will come around to those who steal. 

So you all know you should arrive an hour to an hour and a half prior to the gates being open. Being there early is super important as you don’t want to waste too much time standing in line while thousands of people enter the gates and get a bobble before you. 

Now, what I’m going to reveal is a SUPER easy practical way of Sniping. I call it a “Beginner Sniper Strategy”. Once a lot of you start using this and become masters, I will get into more advanced ways to Snipe. 

A few days prior to the game, head to the bank and withdraw a bunch of $5.00 bills and some $10.00 bills as these will come in handy. You enter the stadium and immediately start asking opposing fans if you can have their bobblehead. 8 out of 10 times they probably won’t want it. If the Phillies are playing at Citi Field, those Philly fans will NOT want their Mets bobblehead. They are there just for the game and could care less about the bobble. ALWAYS ask opposing fans. Now, this is different at Minor League games as a lot of opposing fans don’t typically travel as much as a MLB fans do. 

I know for a fact if you hustle your ass off and ask opposing fans, you can EASILY Snipe 6-7 within 45 minutes. Next, after asking opposing fans, try and hit up older women or grandpa’s that typically are there for the game. Half the time they don’t even know what’s in the box. Another group you can approach is a bunch of mid 20 year old dudes who are there to party and get drunk. They planned a game with their boys and all they want is to get shit faced. They don’t want the bobble. It’s a good bet you can snatch a few from this type of group. There will be that one stiff in the group named Sebastian who’s wearing skinny jeans and he’ll say something like, “I’d like to keep mine” and holds it snug to his chest. Fuck that guy and hit up the other dudes in his group. 

Now, there will be times when it could get feisty. People will ask if you are reselling, trading, etc. Some may even say “What are you gonna give me”? This is when you pull out your small bills. Offer to buy a beer for someone. Offer to buy a hot dog for an old grandma. If your initial pitch is rejected after asking for the bobble, then use the “Ill buy you a beer method”. I typically don’t shell out money as I have a specific Sniper strategy that I’d rather not reveal at this time as I’d rather give you guys a PRACTICAL beginner strategy which is very effective. 

Overall, this method is highly effective by many people reading this and have been using this tactic for years. So what you’re reading is nothing new. This blog is for the young bucks who ask me how I Snipe. I did not invent this method as it’s a very basic, practical strategy. If you are outgoing and you can negotiate then you’ll do just fine. If you have GREAT communication skills and have the confidence to approach just about anybody, then you should have no problem getting 10-20 bobbles per game. You’ll need a large backpack and a good sized Marshalls bag with a rope style handle. These two devices are critical to use depending how big the boxes are. 

Now, the going in and going back out method varies depending on the stadium. The games that I attend don’t allow the re enter method so I won’t talk to much about that. 

If you are new to Sniping, this “Beginner Sniper Strategy” should work well for you. Again, you need to have confidence and great communication skills. If you are shy and reserved, this will most likely not work for you. It’s all about having a good radar on people who you think will not want their bobblehead. Also, be prepared for rejection. Don’t let that discourage you! You have to apply confidence!

I always used this method all the time but over the past 3 years I’ve leveled up and developed a “Master Sniping Strategy” that I’m reluctant to share at this time. I’m a bit hesitant because if I reveal this higher level strategy, it could lead to EVERYONE doing it and if EVERYONE is doing it, sooner or later security will shut it down in a heartbeat. 

Speaking of security, I will write blog soon on how to avoid the security squad as this is very important to the game of Sniping. Good Luck!