As 2016 comes to an end, I want to thank all of you who follow and support me in creating value in sharing the passion of Bobbleheads.

I have made some close friends in the community and I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

Those of you have followed from the start know how hard I work to create value, keep the website up to date DAILY and provide information regarding our passion.

As you know my main goal is to help others and I want EVERYONE to succeed. Call me crazy but I get a rush when I see my followers add to their collection and how hard you guys work.

I don’t ask for much in return as I never post prices nor do I try to sell on any social media platform. I’ve always said from start that if you’re interested in any bobble I have to shoot me an email and we’ll work something out. My bobbleheads as you know are available on eBay.

What I do ask of you guys is to spread the word an recommend a friend.That begin said, those who have participated in the monthly “Free Bobblehead” raffle know I do not give out shitty bobbles. I raffle off quality as I want you guys to be happy.

Here we have a “Hank Ballpark Dog” Bobble of the Month the Brewers created a few years ago. This one retail at the team store was a little under $70.00 and it’s fresh one!Rules are the same as follows.

1. Like this post on Instagram

2. Follow @bobblesniper

3. Tag 3 of your bro’s on Instagram

4. Your Instagram feed CANNOT be private on Instagram

5. Follow @bobblesniper on Twitter if you have an account.

6. Go to and register a member name.

7. Comment on any blog on the website.

If you already have a username, you must still comment on any blog because I truly love hearing from all you Snipers.The winner will be randomly chosen on Monday January 2nd 2017 at 8:00pm EST. Winner will be contacted via DM for shipping information.

Good Luck!