So over the weekend I received a message from Ebay that my account is suspended for 7 days. They said I broke protocol which I did, by doing transactions off of Ebay. 

I receive a shit ton of messages over Ebay regarding if I can lower my price on a certain bobblehead. I don’t mind doing that at all because the customer saves money on the final price and I save on Ebay fees. Since Ebay blocks the use of email addresses, I typically take a picture of my business card which has my email address on it. Then the customer emails me and we complete the transaction strictly through Paypal. I’d say 85% of my sales are done through Paypal only. Ebay did warn me a few months back but I continued to help my customers as well as save on fees. 

People who complain that bobblehead prices are high don’t know shit about the business. You have to acquire the bobblehead somehow, then pay 10% fees to Ebay when your item sells, 5% fees to Paypal and usually $1.00 for shipping fees. Yes, they charge you a fee to use their paper shipping label.

Listen, I know companies and everybody in general need to make buck, but Ebay are a bunch of leeches. Blood suckers! They constantly raise fees and since they own Paypal, Paypal has raised fees. It’s very hard to make a decent profit when your selling items on the biggest platform. The entire world searches Ebay because it’s where you will most likely find what you’re looking for. Now maybe, if Ebay kept their fees the same instead of constantly going up, people would enjoy using their services to sell items. 

I guess for trying to be a nice guy to help people save money as well as myself, is the price you pay when you deal with the BIG BOYS of Ebay.