As 2018 is approaching soon, I have MANY expectations in store for the new year.

First off, in 2017 we saw an enormous amount of “Exclusive” bobbleheads from all vendors. I think 2018 continues that trend but more and more limited numbers to be produced. I think the days of 2,500 and 3,000 being made are over. Bobbleheads have gotten to damn expensive lately and they are only going up. I think the trend of #750 or #1,000 made will continue along with the very low numbered #250.

FOCO will continue to produce excellent quality products and we possibly may see other companies like Success Promotions and Coyote promotions start to do bobble giveaways for more hockey, basketball and of course Minor and MLB teams. The branding of these companies lately have pushed the envelop in terms of becoming more of a “power house” in the world of manufacturing sports products, but any every day living product.

The Bobblehead Hall of Fame took the bobblehead world by storm in 17 with a shit ton of exclusive bobbleheads. With the help of FOCO and Success Promotions, they are the top of the hemisphere with their bobbleheads. I have no doubt that the Hall of Fame will please us collector’s in 18 with a slew of items to peek our interest and add to our collections. The Bobble Hall of Fame is very easy to work with as their customer service department is top notch. Another reason to purchase from them is they only charge $8.00 to ship how every many bobbleheads you want! That being said, if you order 11 bobbleheads, you’ll be charged only a flat rate of $8.00! Also, if you purchase their membership package, you receive free shipping and 10% off which pays for itself over time. 

I’m looking forward to new SGA’s at ball games this year and especially the Brooklyn Cyclones and Akron RubberDucks. I hope the Rubberducks keep the theme of Major League Movie bobbles and the Cyclones stick with the Sandlot themed bobbles. It should be yet another exciting year of collecting and remember, I’m always here to help you grow your collection. Through educating, entertaining and making an overall impact, I promise you, your collection will take off to new limits. Here’s to a brand new year of collecting as I only recommend the best products to all you Snipers.