Is collecting Bobbleheads weird or cool?

First things first. Bobbleheads are fucking cool. Anyone that tells you that they are weird or stupid is an asshole. You cannot imagine the amount of times people look at me weird and go dead silent when I tell them I have a huge Bobble collection. Not just because I’ve built an empire and I collect them, but they really are something to talk about. Anyone that says they aren’t is lying through their ass pipe. Is collecting thousands and thousands bobbleheads weird to some? Maybe. Is it for everybody? No. Do people collect coins, stamps, knives, magazines and books? Yes. So what’s the big deal? I’m not writing this blog to defend Bobbleheads and how they are fresh as fuck. I wrote it to create awareness and for anyone who collects to stand up and be proud of the bobbles you’ve accumulated with your hard earned money. If we’re being honest with each other, come forward with any stories to make me believe I’m not the only guy who gets these looks or chuckles.

Have you ever looked at any stadium giveaway and the photos of people smiling and happy that they received a bobble? That alone should be full blown proof that they are a hot item. They always have been since they were first manufactured in Germany in the 50’s and became very popular in the 90’s. Why do people arrive at a stadium 4-5 hours prior to the gates even opening? On hot summer days in the scorching fucking heat?

I read tons of messages on Instagram from jabroni’s ridiculing me and what I do. You can easily buy a bobble on Ebay right? Then why stand in line for hours for one? I’ll tell you. It’s the experience. It’s the joy of the the guy behind the gate handing you one. It feels good. You feel part of the game. So you be the judge whether bobbles are weird or cool to collect……by the way, chicks love bobbles to guys. Get on that.