Bobble Set of the Day

Players: Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr.

Team: Portland Sea Dogs

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Novel-T-Shirts Inc.

So the Win, Dance, Repeat swag keeps on rolling as the Portland Sea Dogs(Red Sox affiliate) highlight the Sox outfielders doing their dance when they win. Whoever started this out of the 3 of them is a genius. It’s a youthful thing to do and brings the team together. I love new, young players doing shit like this. 

Whoever Novel-T-Shirt Inc. is that manufactured these did a fantastic job. All three bobbleheads are well made and sturdy. There’s not to much “Flare” to them as far as detail but I consider it a classic look. All three players are wearing their Sea Dogs white uni’s with a red pinstripe down the pant leg. Each player has their own dance and the fact that the Sea Dogs had each base interlock with each other is sick. They could have just made a square base for each and all three can line up, but no, they had them interlock which highlights their WDR dance. Great move by the Sea Dogs.




Sniper Rating: Why this set is so hard to obtain, is the fact that each bobble was given away on a separate night. If you couldn’t make one game your shit out of luck. There’s always Ebay as an option but you’re gonna pay a high price. I’ve had a lot of Snipers ask me for an individual one but I will not break the completed sets. I know the Lowell Spinners are doing the same trio set in different kinds of clothes but I can already say that this set is much better. It’s the first SGA set out and they are in their proper uniforms. A definite tough set to collect and even though they all came in just a standard white box, this trio Win, Dance, Repeat bobbles score a 9.5.