Bobble of the Day 

Mascot: USC Trojans

Team: USC

Year: 2019

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

We all know the NCAA basketball Champion bobbles the Bobblehead Hall of Fame came out with a few years ago were bad ass. Pretty much any division 1 team that has won a title, the Bobble Hall came out with a bobble to commemorate their championship. Now, we have NCAA football championship bobbles to celebrate your favorite team. I knew this would be a great fucking idea because collectors love college football and what’s better than celebrating your favorite teams accomplishments?

The Bobble Hall sent me this USC Trojans bobble and I love it. Very rarely do find a USC Trojan mascot bobble and when the opportunity comes, you gotta pounce on it. The entire base is flooded with iced out rings that signifies each championship the Trojans have captured. Oh, and the Trojan himself is holding a sword ready to go to battle.

Sniper Rating. These new college football championship ring bobbles are quickly to become highly collectible. The following teams are available on Bobblehead Hall of Fame’s website. USC, Texas, LSU, Miami, Nebraska and Ohio State. Head over there and grab a few as you won’t be disappointed as these will display quite nice on your mantle on College Football Saturdays!  This USC trojan easily scores a 9.2. Click the link below to score some.

NCAA College Football National Champions Mascot Bobbleheads