Bobble of the Day

Players: Trey Burton/Nick Foles

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

With all my heart I hate writing this blog and you all know why. I hate the Eagles and I hate the city of Philadelphia like most Americans do. I wanted them to lose sooooooo bad in the Super Bowl but you know what happened. I will give a crazy amount of props to the “Philly Special” play as you rarely see shit like that in any game, never-mind the fucking Super Bowl.  I won’t even explain the play as you should already know, as I would hoped you’d watch the Super Bowl. Just to be clear, I’m spending my time writing this blog not because I’m a Eagles fan, but the fact that this bobblehead is fucking dynamite. You never, and I mean never see a QB catch a touchdown pass in the NFL. You’d see that shit with Timmy Tebow at Florida, but never the pro’s. 

Another exclusive bobble from the dudes over at Sports Fan Island and it doesn’t get better than this. Burton is throwing the pigskin off one foot as Foles is receiving the Touchdown with swag. The “Philly Special” is highlighted in raised letters on the front of the base with the Eagles logo in the middle. The Super Bowl emblem has a springy on one side of the base and the orange end zone pylon on the other. The back side of the base literally looks like a Madden playbook game replicating the “Philly Special” play. The X’s and O’s are a dope feature to go along with the crazy play.



Sniper Rating: Basically, this is a “Special Moment” bobblehead and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Eagles finally won their 1st Super Bowl title for their dump of a city of Philly. The animalistic fans deserve to enjoy this bobble, as it really was a unique fucking play. I personally give much credit to the guys at Sports Fan Island for manufacturing such a detail collectible for Philly fans to salivate over. Given the fact that I despise the Eagles and more importantly their fanbase, I will rate this exclusive bobble a stand up 9.0. There’s literally nothing wrong with it besides being Philly. Taken the fact that if it has anything to do with Philly, a full point is automatically deducted. Period. 

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