Bobble of the Day

Player: Trea Turner

Team: Potomac Nationals

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Success Promotions

Did Success Promotions do it again or what? The creativity of Success and their abstract bobbleheads keeps us collector’s on our toes 24/7. The Potomac Nationals handed out this Trea Turner “Roadrunner” bobblehead as Mr. Turner himself played for the P. Nationals on his way to the Bigs. If you haven’t seen Trea Turner play then you’re an asshole. The guy has lighting quick speed just like the Roadrunner himself. The combination of the Nationals and Success Promotions decided to highlight Turner as a Roadrunner and god damn they nailed it.

Trea’s got no arms or legs on this bobble. Instead he’s got wings and a long feathery tail as he’s bolting down the road aka base paths. The roadrunner light blue color really pops and the overall structure of the bobble is built like a brick shit house. I love the Potomac red color on the bottom trim of the base with of course white “raised” letters.



Sniper Rating: I’ve never seen such a well manufactured bobble with as much creativity. Let alone the bobble, the box itself is as deluxe as they get. Full glossy coating around the entire box with bright colors mixed in with the Potomac Nationals logo. Trea Turner isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He’s here to stay and this will be one of his most collectible bobbleheads ever. Success Promotions continues to dominate the SGA bobblehead game. Score this Trea Turner Potomac Nationals bobblehead before they disappear on the open market! A without question 9.5 rating Snipers.