Bobble of the Day

Mascot: The Bird

Team: Baltimore Orioles

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Fans down in Baltimore love their O’s but better yet, they love their mascot “The Bird”. The Bird may have the best two color combination in black and orange within the game. It symbolizes dominance and fear within their opponent. The Bird runs deep around Camden Yards firing up the crowd and lives and dies by every pitch.

So the O’s won World Series titles in 1960, 1977 and 1983. There’s major gaps within those World Series years, as the A.L. East has typically been dominated by the Red Sox and Yankees. Those 3 World Series years are highlighted on the back platform on this exclusive Baltimore Orioles “The Bird” bobblehead.

I love the raised white letters of the Orioles team name against the black front plate of the base. It shows that FOCO wasn’t fucking around. Of course “The Bird” is flooded with swag in his cocky pose holding up two shiny World Series trophies. The other trophy stands tall right in front so everyone see’s it. The most appealing feature that makes this bobble so dope is the Oriole logo that sits right on top of base. The wavy letters along with the Oriole Bird is a killer design, as FOCO did a hell of a job with this collectible.




Sniper Rating: Oriole fans love their bobbleheads and without question, this one needs to be in your collection. Who the fuck knows when the O’s win another World Series title, so having 3 trophies on one base is the best Oriole fans are gonna get for the time being. Given the fact that this Baltimore Orioles The Bird, is straight flooded with swag, I recommend bobblehead collector’s to score one at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame. This exclusive “The Bird” bobblehead receives a 9.5 Sniper rating.