Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Captain

Team: Texas Rangers 

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Kloanz

Fucking Kloanz back at it again. Is it good or is it bad? How’s it made? Did they fuck it up again? That’s the question us bobblehead collector’s always ponder when Kloanz manufactures a giveaway. This bobble literally showed up at my doorstep. Once I hear Kloanz made a certain bobble, I refuse to spend my hard earned money on a bobble they’ve made considering their history. I’ve already stated that I’m only going to write blogs to either inform Snipers on a “must have” or it’s a garbage bobble and to stay clear from it. Now this one, is quite interesting. 

The Texas Rangers have a dope as fuck mascot as the “Captain” and the promotional department decided to entice fans with a bobble. I hate admitting this, but Kloanz did quite well. Captain has his long snout front and center with tons of detail in his eyes, ears and back-side white hair. Given the fact that he’s holding the Texas Rangers flag is a deluxe feature. The white raised letters on the front of the base are pretty fucking clean. His tail, name and number on the back side demonstrates effort from Kloanz that I haven’t seen in a long time from them. 

Sniper Rating: I do like this Texas Rangers bobblehead. It’s made very sturdy and the biggest surprise, is I don’t see any globs of glue or fucked up paint smears. Kloanz must have seasonal workers painting these and molding them together as this is a good batch. I’m always honest with you guys and I give credit to where it’s due. Yup, I said it. Kloanz did well. Given my history with Kloanz, I’d rate this a solid 8.0.




P.S. If you take a look at the box, it’s smothered in bright colored lettering and cartoonish images of the Rangers Captain. Super eye-popping design. Well done Kloanz for fucking once.