Bobble of the Day

Player: Stephen Curry

Team: Golden State Warriors

Year: 2020

Manufacturer: FOCO

By now we all know that Stephen Curry is the king in California and when it comes to excitement on the court, Curry is your man. I was fortunate enough that the guys over at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame sent me this Stephen Curry special edition bobblehead and here’s the review!

Without question, this is an eye-catching collectible to display. Including the base, Curry stands a good 10” tall as he driving to the basket on the Golden Gate Bridge. The replica bridge is pinpoint and says Golden State Warriors around the perimeter of the base which is an excellent feature. Curry’s name sits flush on the front of the base and you know what I’m gonna say. Yes, I would prefer raised letters for his name to make it more authentic.


Sniper Rating: Yes, Curry has many retail and SGA bobbleheads on the open market. In fact, Lids came out with a SMU Curry bobble a good 5 years ago with him shooting a ball on the GGB but it doesn’t compare to this one. This Curry catches the eye and it’s an overall clean yet swag filled bobblehead. The Bobblehead Hall’s website says it’s sold out which sucks but if you’re looking to add this gem to your collection, you’re gonna have to seek it out on Ebay. One can only hope we get back to normal life when this Coronavirus subsides, as this Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors bobblehead in the mean time would keep any collector satisfied for the time being. This Curry gets a strong 8.4 rating.