Bobble of the Day

Player: Shohei Ohtani

Team: Los Angeles Angels

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Alright, first things first. What you’re looking at is incredible. What I’m holding is epic. This is the first “Pitch and Hit” Duel bobblehead in existence. Without question this is a “must have” collectible and I don’t give a shit what player it is. The guys over at Sports Fan Island continue to dazzle us collector’s and their newest exclusive of Shohei Ohtani Los Angeles Angels duel bobble is fucking ridiculous.

The base has a pitchers mound and a batters box/homeplate as Ohtani both hits and pitches if you didn’t know and you live under a tombstone. Ohtani’s full name has raised letters on the front of the base with the Angels logo. He’s hitting in his red jersey and pitching in his white jersey that includes 4 bobble arms. Yes, 4! He’s pitching in one motion and swinging his big dick bat in the other. Sports Fan Island is so specific and thorough that they added half helmet/half baseball cap on top of the dome of Ohtani. It’s literally split down the middle and the creativity just never ends with these guys.




Sniper Rating: Fans who went to the Ohtani duel SGA bobble game in Anaheim waited 4 hours in sweltering heat. Our buddy Kloanz made a mock of the bobble and had many fans in disbelief including myself. If you gave me a full case of those bobbles in mint condition, they wouldn’t even come close to what Sports Fan Island just created. Given the fact that Ohtani is a fucking stud and has popularity coming out of his anal glands, this collectible is up there as one of the best retail bobbles of 18.

This bobble of Shohei Ohtani is technically sold out on and there’s no one to blame except yourself. They promoted it on all social media outlets as well as myself. If you didn’t jump on the opportunity then you’re shit outta luck. Period. Your best shot is Ebay and you’ll pay double for waiting so long to order it. Some slapdick in Ohio probably has one for sale and you can score it off him. An incredible bobblehead is an understatement, as this is a knock out 10.0. You’ll never be able to grasp how killer this is without being able to hold it in your palms. 

P.S. The box is as deluxe as you’ll ever see.