Bobble of the Day

Player: Ronald Acuna Jr.

Team: Atlanta Braves

Year: 2020

Manufacturer: FOCO

Let me start by saying that these “Riding” bobbleheads have been around since last year. Just about every “good” player has one. Some players are riding on a lighting bolt, a fish, a horse and a bear for example. I have less than a handful of some of these as I just see them as silly. I know the Tom Brady one sells for some good change but they look weird to me. I can’t find myself adding my favorite player to my collection that’s riding on a fish for christ sakes but this Acuna one is different.

The Braves are known for their Tomahawk Chop and the fans still continue to do the “chop” at home games.  I’ve always liked the chop motion as it symbolizes togetherness and given the state of this crazy world, I like it even more. We all know Acuna is a stud and with him sitting on the famous Tomahawk in a throwing motion is insane. As soon as I opened the box I knew this bobblehead was special.

Sniper Rating: Whether your a Braves fan or not, this one will look deluxe in your collection. This by far in my opinion is the most detailed riding bobble as the tomahawk itself is a solid inch thick and extremely sturdy. The box it comes in is gigantic and for only $35.00 at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame you can’t go wrong. Click the link below as I’m sure you are bored shit crazy at home with this “Stay at Home” movement. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed as this Acuna bobblehead scores a 9.2.

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