Bobble of the Day

Actor: Ralph Macchio aka The Karate Kid

Team: New York Islanders

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: BD&A

Holy smokes! Someone finally came out with a Karate Kid bobblehead. I’ve been waiting for years for this one to come out. I did some recon and found out that Ralph Macchio is a huge Islanders fan and someone from the front office must have contacted him to do a bobble. It’s just cool in many ways. I literally grew up watching the first karate kid and is a sure classic film. There’s no doubt that he was going to kick Johnny’s ass in the final scene.

Now if you haven’t seen the movie, good ole Daniel Larusso does this weird ass, one leg up stance and kicks Johnny right in the kisser to win the match. 

This Bobblehead is very unique and is flooded with detail. The colors are bright and the lettering in his name on the base and the Islander letters are awesome. Of course I’m saying this is because it’s raised. There’s no half ass stickers that they threw on. The manufacturer went the extra mile and put some thought into this one.


Sniper Rating: The signature leg kick that he holds before he knocks Johnny into next week is what makes this Bobblehead so special. The fact that the leg and head both bobble make this a double bobblehead. Whether you saw this movie or not, this is a one of a kind. Even the box is detailed with logos and photographs. This is definitely a must have in your collection. The Karate Kid scores a solid 9.0.