Bobble of the Day

Player: Pete Alonso

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2020

Manufacturer: FOCO

We all know what Pistol Pete Alonso did last year so there’s no real point in summarizing his top of the line accolades. What I want to highlight is the Mets have something special. Something that no other team has and not even the Yankees. They have the Apple. The apple symbolizes New York City to its finest. Whenever the Mets go deep, the Apple pops up behind the outfield wall. More importantly, when you can add a symbol or icon to a bobblehead, it makes it that much more special.

Pistol Pete on this Rookie of the Year and Homerun Champion bobblehead stands out from the rest because he’s the man in New York. Foco didn’t shy away from displaying Alonso sitting on the New York Mets Apple. It’s features along with his accomplishments on the curved back of the base is something to own.



Sniper Rating: Whether you’re a Mets fan or not, what Alonso did was beyond super fucking human. Yes, I know he’s technically an “older” Rookie but 53 bombs? Are you shitting me? This bobblehead is by far a must have and seriously and I mean seriously, when ever will this record be ever broken? I’m saying not in our lifetime. 

Pistol Pete Alonso scores a hands down 9.4 rating. And by the way, this box is ridiculously detailed and full of color. Score this one asap Snipers at