Bobble of the Day

Player: Noah Syndergaard “Nickname” Thor

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So FOCO continues the trend here in 2018 and now we have Weekend “Nickname” bobbleheads. Only the top players in the game with a flashy nickname have their own bobblehead and I just scooped up the Noah “Thor” Syndergaard one. There’s been many “Thor” themed bobbles that many of us own, but this one is special. 

The base has a “dirt mound” look to it with speckles of tiny rocks that lye on top. Thor”s name is of course raised letters and are multi-colored. I love the fact that Syndergaard is in a different pitching pose as a lot of the other FOCO retails tend to have the same pitching position. The all orange hat clashes very well with his Met blue jersey and orange arm sleeves. 




Sniper Rating: The most critical feature is obviously the name plate that sits on back of the base. The name THOR is bright orange mixed in with the Mets logo. I’m all about creativity and FOCO has done it again to help us collector’s improve our bobblehead collections. This Noah Syndergaard bobblehead scores a 8.5 as he’s easily within the top 5 “best” pitchers in the Big Leagues. 

Go to and there’s about 10 different players in this “Nickname” series. I’m not to crazy on some of the other players, but this Syndergaard is a must have.