Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Mr. Redlegs 

Team: Cincinnati Reds

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Just last week I wrote a blog about the “Lucky” Boston Celtics Baller Series bobblehead. It’s now time to scratch the surface with some MLB ones. I personally think hands down, this Mr. Red Legs mascot one is a step above every other one. 

Mr. Redlegs is beyond popular within the mascot game and given the fact that the color red looks always good on a bobblehead, this one stands out to me. Mr. Redlegs has a very basic pose but his baggy white baseball pants, all red socks and top hat will steal the show within your display cabinet. The “cut in half” baseball as a base shows tremendous detail and Mr. Redlegs name is front and center for every collector to see. 



Sniper Rating: If you’re a bobblehead seller you well in fact know that any Mr. Redlegs bobble holds it’s value. There’s just something with Cincy fans that they love their mascot and rightfully so. This Mr. Redlegs Cincinnati Reds mascot bobblehead will 100% hold it’s value for years to come and it needs to be in your collection. Look no further Snipers and head over to and score it while they last. Once their gone they’re gone!