Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Sebastian “Turnover Chain”

Team: Miami Hurricanes

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

It’s a no brainier that the Hurricanes are the most “swag” filled team in all of college football. Fuck Alabama and Ohio State, as The “U” has been around for years, and if you’re a high school football player and you sign a letter of intent to go to Miami to play ball, then you’re the fucking man.

Two weeks prior to last year’s season, Miami cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph asked a local jeweler in Miami if he would make a rope chain that players could wear after forcing a turnover. He agreed and whenever forcing a turnover on defense, the given player gets to wear the “Cuban Link” chain on the sideline. It was a genius idea and even a better idea that the Bobblehead Hall of Fame decided to make a bobble of Sebastian the mascot wearing the chain. 

Sebastian doesn’t have the “toughest” name in regards to mascots but once he puts the “U” sign up, he immediately becomes hard. The Cuban Chain is flexing right around his neck with tints of orange and green in replica diamonds.  The base has the Miami Hurricanes official logo on top flooded with colors and “The U” in raised letters on the front of the base.



Sniper Rating: This bobble is clean, swag filled and a must have for your collection. Make no question about it, you won’t see the amount of creativity in college football bobbleheads like the one your reading about right now. Lastly, the flashiness of the colored box makes this collectible stand out like an egg fart. Head over to the Bobblehead Hall of Fame as this Sebastian Miami Hurricanes Turnover Chain scores a staggering 10.0!