Bobble of the Day

Groundskeeper: Lucas Hackmann

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Carrying out your duties on a nightly basis as a groundskeeper for a Major League baseball team is ridiculously underrated. The pressure of running out every inning to smooth out dirt and get ready to sprint your ass off in pouring rain, to lay the tarp down is not an easy task. Other miscellaneous shit that plays a factor as a groundskeeper is popping beachballs that fall into the playing field but scooping up a feisty cat and getting your skin ripped off? That’s where Lucas Hackmann comes in. 

This dude was called upon last year to get a stray cat off the field and he did just fucking that. On his way back from retrieving this filthy cat (Yes, I hate cats) he was continually bitten and scratched. Have you ever held an animal that bites and claws at you and you don’t drop it? Hackmann has balls of steel because it didn’t bother him one bit. A few screams “Ah Fuck!, Ah Shit!” but that was all the discomfort Hackmann showed. 

The fellas over at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame decided to highlight this groundskeepers set of balls and make a bobblehead of him. The pose of Hackmann running with the cat is identical to the live video of him running. The khaki shorts and Cardinals polo shirt is spot on to what Hackmann wore the night of his heroics.




Sniper Rating: Hackmann should be commended with more than just a bobblehead. With 40,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs cheering him to get the cat off the field, Hackmann didn’t budge. He deserves more. Give him a medal. The Cardinals need to have a plaque honoring him in the worst way. With that being said, this bobble NEEDS to be in your collection. Bobbleheads like this of a groundskeeper being a hero don’t fall from the trees often. Head over to and grab one today as only 1,000 were made and this won’t last.