Bobble of the Day

Player: Kris Bryant

Team: Chicago Cubs

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Finally the Cubbies won a World Series and fans all over the globe couldn’t wait to get their hands on the set of Championship bobbles. They practically made the entire team and of course Clark, the famous mascot.

Here comes the boom! So many fans and so many pre-orders were made for these bobbles and that’s where the ship sinks. They were made very, very poor. The quality is garbage and our friends over in China rushed making these. I’m sure there was close to 20,000 made of each player as a result of so many collector’s wanting them. 

First things first. The trophies are of shit quality. The gluing is horrible and when I received my set, almost all of the trophies were cracked off. They were just dangling in the box. Every logo and name are stickers. There’s no raised lettering and that was a good way FOCO could save money. Shame on you FOCO. The Cubs finally win a title and you half ass the most sought out product by fans by putting shitty stickers everywhere? Half of the players I got, their sticker names were crooked and peeling off. Many of the hats have paint chips and massive smudges. 

There’s very few positives to this bobble, but one that stands out to me is the box. Yup, that’s right, the fucking box. The checkered design with the Cubs logo looks very fresh and unique. 




Sniper Rating: I’m stumped and don’t know what to say. Congrats Cubs but your 2016 World Series Champ bobbles were made with piss poor quality. I’m not saying shy away from buying the set as you should because who knows when they will win another title, but don’t expect a sturdy quality product. I’m very disappointed and literally nothing can be done. It’s to late and we’re all stuck with these shitty bobbleheads. Another problem I have, is FOCO is literally over saturating the bobblehead world with all types of Cubs bobbles. They’re coming out with a complete set of “Newspaper” bobbles and now they have “Fly The W” bobbles. We get it. The Cubs won and every fan is happy, but that doesn’t mean to kill the market by coming out with every variation of a bobblehead known to man. It’s stupid and nonsense and more importantly it’s making our pockets empty. But you don’t care FOCO, all you want is your money and we’ll keep buying. 

Kris Bryant and the entire team set including the manager (Joe Maddon) and Clark the mascot score a 4.0 rating. If it wasn’t for the box, this set would be fucked and then we’re looking at a 2.0 rating. 

Shame on you FOCO. 

Anyone want to drive by FOCO’S headquarters in New Jersey and do a drive by?

Don’t worry FOCO, we’ll still continue to buy your products.