Bobble of the Day

Player: Kobe Bryant 

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Year: 2013

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So flat out, this has to be the sickest Kobe Bobble ever made right? A true legend and he’s rocking the jersey pose to signify that he’s the shit. I love the base that is in the shape of the letters “LA” and of course Kobe’s name letters are raised. Kobe’s 5 Championship rings sit sturdy right in front and looks fresh as hell. Kobe’s trunks and jersey are both Laker yellow and are outlined in purple and white colors. 

Now to the attention grabber of this bobble. Kobe’s pose is legit as he’s holding up his jersey like a boss. Everyone knows that pose after his 5th championship title and it’s awesome. FoCo did one hell of a job one designing this one.



Sniper Rating: I find it very fascinating how our little friends over in China can stretch out the resin material of his jersey with his arms connected to it. It mind boggles me but if you see this bobble in hand, you’ll know what I’m taking about. This is a killer bobble as Kobe’s definitely a top 5 player ever to play in the NBA. Given the fact of his jersey tug pose, the 5 Championship rings and the base as an outline of “LA”, this exclusive Kobe bobble without a doubt scores a 9.0. Without question this NEEDS to be in your collection.