Bobble of the Day

Player: Ken Griffey Jr

Team: San Bernardino 66ers

Year: 2019

Manufacturer: AGP

I’ll be the absolute first one to say, that I throughly love all San Bernardino 66ers bobbleheads. I’ve been collecting them for years and AGP does a damn good job. With that being said, ever since I saw this Ken Griffey Jr on their schedule, I instantly got a hardon. Who wouldn’t right? Duel gold crossing bats on the back? That’s straight fire feature right there. But here’s the unfortunate news.

I received this one a few weeks ago and the quality is piss poor. It’s not as sturdy as others in previous years.  My biggest gripe is the gold bats on the back are half painted! Yes, half painted. Not only did the one I’m writing this blog on have these flaws, but other Snipers have shown me pictures of shitty paint jobs as well.

Sniper Rating. With high expectations for this Ken Griffey Jr. bobblehead and receiving it in less than decent condition, I’m not too happy. I don’t know what the workers in China were doing but they sure didn’t do their job. An absolute icon in the history of Major League Baseball and we as collector’s receive a low quality bobblehead is disappointing.  AGP has become very inconsistent this year with their giveaways and if they wanna crack the top 10 of SGA’s of 2019, they better get their shit together. A big time miss on this one. I’m going a soft 5.8 and that’s being generous.