Bobble of the Day

Player: Justin Turner (Walk off Homerun)

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: BD&A

I love bobbleheads that commemorate historical moments in sports history and without a doubt, Turner’s walk off homerun in game 2 of the NLCS is worth the hype. A 1-0 pitch from mouth breather Lackey, JustinTurner hit a dick high fastball over the wall to win the game. A huge moment in Dodgers history and I’m pumped upper management highlighted this moment for a bobblehead giveaway. 

My initial thought after seeing the picture on Ebay is that Turner’s left ankle will definitely crack. It looks very top heavy and the Dodgers have a set of balls for even trying this. Well, it turns out they were correct. The bobble itself is built super sturdy and does not wiggle at all. The base has nice white raised letters to go along with an all green grass platform on top of the base.




Sniper Rating: What seals the deal on this one is Turner’s facial hair and his wavy hair in back. The red beard looks like he just cut down 1,000 trees in Yellowstone National Park and the back flowing hair is as detailed as they come. I love the clear opening of the box, and the graphic features surrounding the sides. The font is very easy to read and the box alone makes this SGA that much more desirable as a collector. I typically never give any SGA’s a perfect 10.0 rating, but this Los Angeles Dodgers Justin Turner walk off homerun bobblehead is an incredible item to own. What’s better than a monumental play to coincide with a bobble to follow? Nothing. Well done JT and better yet the Dodgers. A 10.0 without question as you should have added this to your collection yesterday.