Bobble of the Day

Player: Jose Altuve

Team: Houston Astros

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

I started thinking the other day about how many hits Jose Altuve can honestly smack by the time his career is over. For the past 4 years he’s accomplished well over 200 hits each season. Yes, he’s only 28 but if he keeps this pace up the sky’s the limit. The past several years he’s been impossible to get out. He hits to the left side, the right side and up the middle. Maybe the best contact hitter since Wade Boggs? The only reason why he won’t reach 200 this year is because of a nagging injury. Lately, I’ve been trying to write my blogs on “worthy” bobbleheads. This Jose Altuve Houston Astros bobblehead is 100% blog worthy.

The standard Astros bobbleheads from their 2017 World Series titles are legit. The colors pop and they are well made. That being said, this exclusive ring base has it all. The oversized ring has replica diamonds surrounding the entire base. They shine and they’re bright. Everything a collector wants in a swag bobble. I love the pose in which Jose is running and tipping his cap. The orange jersey offsets all the silver/chrome colors and makes this collectible that much more attractive.




Sniper Rating: FOCO once again pleased us collectors with a masterpiece of a bobble. His facial features along with his stylish haircut makes this one as complete as they come. I wish FOCO poured more ideas to manufacture other players in this “ring base” style, as collector’s would jizz at the seam of their pants. The best place to score this is either through me or search Ebay. I refuse to give credit to the company who actually sells this as you will completely empty your wallet with shipping fees. I strongly urge you to not purchase this or any other bobble from the company I refuse to mention. If you’re in the “bobble game” you should know. 

I love this bobble and it’s a one of a kind item to own. I’d never steer you wrong direction within collecting but this one is a knockout 9.5 rating. Here’s to Jose in hopes of reaching 3,000 hits.