Bobble of the Day

Player: Joel Embid

Team: Philadelphia 76ers Delaware Blue Coats

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: BD&A

How about this fucking offseason “Winter” SGA bobblehead handed out by the 76ers D-League team, the Delaware Blue Coats! Any bobblehead collector knows the Winter months are considered the “offseason” of collecting but the Blue Coats paid tribute to Mr. Embid and it’s legit as fuck. 

My main man Joe Martino who’s downright the best Sniper on the East Coast scored this for me as he made the travel to Delaware and scored a bunch. I’m pretty sure 10k were given out so this was easy pickin’s for my man Joe.

BD&A had some major disappointing bobbles this past season especially with the Mets garbage, but they killed this one. Embid’s boner long arms are spread out like he’s taunting any player on the court to fuck with him. The all royal-blue uniform looks sick as hell and the fact that BD&A added blue leggings is an added feature.



Sniper Rating: Embid is the best player since Allen Iverson to throw on a Philly jersey and he deserved this SGA bobble for us collector’s to display in our cabinets. The hair, gotee and structure of his face are nothing but pinpoint fucking accurate. If you popped off his head and asked a stranger who this is, they’d easily say Joel Embid. Overall, well done BD&A as they should duplicate this masterpiece in every one of their Mets SGA’s but most likely won’t. As for this one, Mr. Embid scores a 8.5 overall rating without hesitation. Score this on Ebay as they are running anywhere from $40.00-$50.00 with shipping.