Bobble of the Day

Player: James Paxton

Team: Seattle Mariners

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: BD&A

Any MLB team would want Paxton to take the bump any day of the week. The guy is rock solid and throws fucking heat. He doesn’t get a lot of publicity as the entire nation misses a lot of his starts since he plays in Seattle. The Big Maple kills my Red Sox and without question, he’s a front line starter in the A.L. 

The Mariners finally have some life within their team and the fans were treated with this SGA bobblehead a few weeks ago. There’s a ton a flare on this beauty and it starts with the Bald Eagle. Apparently from what I’ve heard, is that Paxton was standing in the outfield paying tribute to the National Anthem and the eagle was pouncing around him. After several attempts, the eagle lands on Paxton’s shoulder and the rest is history. An epic moment and I’m fucking pumped the Mariners and BD&A added this to his bobblehead. You can remove the eagle as it has a comfortable slot to insert it in. 

The base is designed as a “Maple Leaf” as Paxton is from Canada. How fucking cool is that? His name is in raised letters and his number #65 sits right next to it. His overall stance is pretty standard as the Bald Eagle is the main feature on this James Paxton Seattle Mariners bobblehead.



Sniper Rating: Snipers, a SGA bobble doesn’t get much better than this. A stud pitcher along with a comical moment with the eagle on his shoulder only means one thing. This needs to be in your collection. The price is somewhat steep as they go for $40.00-$65.00 on Ebay but it’s well worth it. 

I’d never recommend a shit collectible to add to your collection and this is one that you have to own.