Bobble of the Day

Player: Giancarlo Stanton

Team: New York Yankees

Year: 2018

Manufactuer: Forever Collectibles 

It’s very evident that all you Snipers know I dispise the Yankees more than I love eating disgusting mushrooms. With that in mind, when greatness appears, you gotta respect it. FOCO designed what I consider a “Masterpiece” of a bobblehead even though it’s of a Yankee player. I love that Giancarlo strikes out a trillon times per year, but he does hit monsterous homeruns. FOCO created a 300 Homerun “Hitmen of the Bronx” Giancarlo Stanton exclusive and it’s the tits. 

Stanton is decked out in a pinstripe “mafia” type uniform with the all white tie. I swear, he looks like he’s ready to take out Rocco’s knee caps for not paying up for a bet he lost. The backing displays the entrance to Yankee Stadium (Gate 4) and it’s close to an inch thick (width wise). The facial features are spot on as this looks identical to Stanton. 




Sniper Rating: Given the brick shithouse sturdiness of this bobblehead, this is one you NEED in your collection. It’s got swag, detail and everybody who’s a fan of baseball is in awe whenever Stanton hits a moonshot. FOCO once again brings the heat and now’s your chance to score this one. Giancarlo Stanton’s “Mafia” like bobble scores a 9.0. Here’s the direct link to purchase. You’re welcome.

Giancarlo Stanton New York Yankees Hitmen Of The Bronx Bobblehead