Bobble of the Day

Player: George Brett (Pine Tar Game)

Team: Kansas City Royals 

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: BD&A

35 years ago, George Brett set the table for being the biggest “bad ass” in the history of Major League Baseball. We all know the story. Brett clobbers a dinger to right field off of Hall of Famer Goose Gossage and puts KC up 5-4 in the 9th inning. The asshole himself, Billy Martin, asks the umps to check his bat and all hell breaks loose. Brett storms out of the dugout and has a shit fit. This year marks the 35th anniversary of that moment and thank the fucking lord the Royals FINALLY paid tribute to this play. 

I was still shitting in my diapers when this play occurred in 1983, but any little tike that grew up in the 80’s knows this play. If you don’t, then you either were jerking off to PacMan on Atari or playing Connect Four in the corner of your bedroom by yourself. 

Brett is in a running pose and on the top of the base it reads “50”, as this year commemorates the 50th anniversary the Royals were established . Around the perimeter of the base, his name and the phrase, “The Pine Tar Game” has raised letters. The lettering is gold and somewhat hard to visibly see, but the fact that they are raised is a plus. I’ve always loved the “powder blue” Royals uniforms and George looks as sharp as a pine needle wearing it. BD&A added the brown stained batting glove gripped in his right hand which is an absolute must. The finer details within his facial features are spot on, as BD&A is clearly showing the massive amount of anger George was enraged with when called out. 





Sniper Rating: I love this bobble so much I’ve already inserted a spot for it in the top SGA’s of 18. Period. The box is decked out with photo’s of George and a mini description of the actual play that occurred in 1983 is on the box. I would have liked if BD&A included a cheek full of tobacco like George was rocking, but I would assume upper management would put an immediate halt to that idea, for the sake that thousands of children attended that game. If little Johnny opened the box during the game and asked his father what that big glob of shit is in the left side of Brett’s mouth, I wonder what pops would say? “Johnny, back then the players would insert 6 packs of Big League Chew in their mouth’s to look cool”. The following day at Johnny’s Little League game, he chokes as he walks to the plate with a pound of gum in his mouth and his mom says, “What the fuck is he doing?”

Snipers, grab this while it’s hot. This is a sentimental bobble, as it was famous play in American sports history. This George Brett Kansas City Royals “Pine Tar Game” bobblehead scores a hard 8.0. I’m deducting 2 points given the fact that the lettering around the base is difficult to see and George needs a mouth full of chew!