Bobble of the Day

Player: G.O.A.T Tom Brady

Team: Pawtucket Red Sox 

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Novel-T-Shirts Inc. 

Tom F’n Brady right? The GOAT. Hands down. Not Joe Montana, not Peyton Manning but Tom Brady. Love it or hate it, he is the greatest of all time and there’s no disputing it. I don’t wanna hear the cheating and deflate gate and all that other bullshit. He’s the greatest and it’s something you have to deal with if you do not like him. Period. 

The Paw Sox paid tribute to Brady by handing out a “G.O.A.T bobblehead with his number #12 shown. The letters of G.O.A.T are nice and raised in white against the green base. The head is obviously a goat and not Brady because of copyright reasons I would assume. There’s no indication of the Patriots even on the box. Bottom line everyone knows it’s Tom Brady.



Sniper Rating: I do have my issues with this one unfortunately. I scored several of them and every single one has waaaaaaaay to much glue within the head. 90% of them really don’t even bobble. The glue is jam packed inside the neck and spring which makes it very difficult to bobble. Another drawback is the 2 sponsor emblems. The are made very cheap and are super easy to crack. The ones I received are super loose and if you’re not careful, they will break. The insert styrofoam has very little protection and only a flimsy baggie surrounding the bobble. 

If you score one of these have the seller package it dick tight.

Overall, it’s a must have bobble but “very poorly” manufactured.  

P.S. Novel-T-Shirts Inc, if you’re listening and I don’t even know who you are, you gotta step up your manufacturing game.