Bobble of the Day

Player: Christian Yelich

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Year: 2019

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

When you finish a regular season batting .326,  slamming 36 Homeruns, scoring 118 runs, and smacking in 110 RBI’s you better sure as hell win the MVP. Not only was Yelich’s stats off the charts, he single handily propelled his team deep into the playoffs. One has to wonder why he didn’t stack these numbers when he played on the Marlins, but that’s a foregone conclusion that the Brewers helped him with their potent lineup.

So this 2018 National League MVP bobble is as good as it gets. Brewers fans will gawk over this based on the detail and sturdiness alone. For shit and giggles, I weighed just the bobblehead on my scale and it came in at 1.48 lbs. This thing is one of the most sturdy and well built bobbles I’ve ever seen. The base has a “brick theme” to it and sits about an inch thick and Miller Park is detailed as fuck that sits right on top. Yelich’s pose is the best feature on this bobble as his entire uniform is very detailed and FOCO added a sleek gold color to the bottom of his cleats.

Sniper Rating: Yelich definitely deserved the MVP and you deserve to add this super limited bobble to your collection. MVP bobbleheads are a rarity and when they are made, you gotta capitalize and grab it. Head over to and score one before they sell out. There’s no reason in my mind that Yelich cannot duplicate the same numbers this year as he’s only going to get better as his career furthers. 

Here’s the link to add this beauty to your collection. 

Christian Yelich Milwaukee Brewers 2018 NL MVP Bobblehead