Bobble of the Day

Player: Christian Yelich 

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Year: 2019

Manufacturer: FOCO

I’m a huge fan of Christian Yelich and after this heart felt story I love this fucking guy. So these 2 little girls attended a game back on March 30th and held up a sign that read, “Yelich, Hit a Homerun and my dad buys me a puppy!” Well for shits sake Yelich missiled a piss rocket to the opposite field in the first inning and the wish was in the books. This girl’s sign went absolute viral on social and a few weeks later Yelich came through. He hand delivered the puppy to the family and it created quite a few tears in many fans eyes. And this is why sports is more than just playing a game on a field or court. There’s sentimental moments and the fellas at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame wanted to bring smiles to collector’s faces. 

This bobble displays Yelich in his warmup up gear prior to the game on April 15th. He’s rocking turf shoes, tall navy blue socks, shorts and a dope Brewers hoodie. As you can see on the bobble that Christian is holding the ever so gentle puppy with care. The facial features look exactly like the 2018 National League MVP and he’s got nicer flowing hair than 80% of Americans. As an extra feature, the guys over at the Bobble Hall had FOCO replicate the sign the girl was holding up to display how special this bobblehead is.

Sniper Rating: This is a knock out bobble as I’m a huge dog lover and if a Homerun like this can bring tears and smiles to a family, then I’m all in. I showed my little Snipers the video and they started balling with tears. Then I took out the bobble and they immediately started to fight over it as they both want one in their bedrooms. Score this one Snipers as this is a heart felt storied bobblehead that shows how awesome sports can be. I was debating a 8.8 rating but after opening the box and noticed that the puppy’s head bobbles, my rating soared to a 9.6 without hesitating. Click below and score this. 

Christian Yelich and Yeli Milwaukee Brewers Puppy Dual Bobblehead