Bobble of the Day

Player: Christian McCaffrey

Team: Carolina Panthers

Year: 2020

Manufacturer: FOCO

Never second guess yourself when it comes to drafting Christian McCaffrey on your fantasy football squad. Or even better yet, the Carolina Panthers most likely would have laid an egg in the win column if it wasn’t for CMC. Literally, what can’t he do on a football field? The word “stud” is a complete understatement when describing McCaffrey. When you have just under 1,400 yards rushing, 116 receptions and 19 total touchdowns, you better be awarded with a smash hit bobble.

Foco once again dropped the sledge hammer with a brand new action pose bobblehead of Christian McCaffrey. My initial thought when I first got it was he’s taking the rock to the house for a TD. The circular base is gigantic with his last name and jersey number sitting dead smack in the middle. The Panthers are known for the “drum” pounding prior to the start of the game and that’s exactly what FCOCO highlighted. A replica drum sits flush at the center of the base and the phrase “Keep Pounding” is in a bright Carolina Panther blue color.

Sniper Rating: I’m a huge fantasy football guy and I didn’t get a chance to grab CMC. I was pissed but the fact that I even got a chance to watch McCaffrey on a weekly basis was incredible. The guy is an absolute beast and if it wasn’t for Lamar Jackson having a blowout offensive year, CMC would have taken the MVP award in the NFL.

If you’re not a big time bobblehead collector you probably don’t know this, but there are not a lot of CMC bobbles out there. He’s only been in the league a few years and for some reason retailers haven’t produced many of him. Now, given the variety of CMC bobbles being scarce, this thematic bobblehead needs a slot in your display cabinet. Never-mind the base looking deluxe, McCaffrey’s entire pose, head band and facial features are downright elite. I haven’t seen the original manufacturer’s box yet, but without question, this Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey exclusive bobblehead scores a 8.6. Click the link below and use code Sniper10.

Christian McCaffrey Carolina Panthers Thematic Bobblehead