Bobble of the Day

Player: Chris Sale

Team: Boston Red Sox

Year: 2018 

Manufacturer: BD&A

I’m going to start off this blog by saying this Sale SGA bobble will easily be in the top 10 of 2018. And it’s not because I’m a Red Sox fan. I’m speaking the truth here. This thing is a fucking masterpiece of a collectible and BD&A absolutely destroyed the bobblehead game with this one.

We all know Sale is the best pitcher in the American League. The dude racks up more strikeouts than Arron Judge and Stanton combined, and that’s why the best team in the league created a K Counter bobblehead. On any given night you can bet the house on 8-12 K’s easily. BD&A has Sale in his “getting the sign from the catcher stance” which must be intimidating as fuck for any hitter. He’s got the skinny ass legs and the pose looks “identical” to Sale. Yes, IDENTICAL! 

The facial features are spot on with the light beard and his hat structured around his dome is precise.



Sniper Rating: The most important feature to keep an eye on is the K Counter. The dials are super tight and they spin very well. They won’t run on you or get loose. These are tight fitting and sturdy as fuck. Any Sox fan knows that W.B. Mason is a huge sponsor and well loved by the Boston faithful and that’s why their logo looks killer on the dirt mound base. 

The box is sharp looking and has a “classic” feel to it. An all white box with red lettering all around it makes it very eye appealing. I’m telling you Snipers right now, this Sale WILL be in the top 10 of best SGA’s this year. It’s just to well designed and looks exactly like Sale that it’s not even fair how good BD&A did with this one. My only gripe and if you don’t know by now you should, is it doesn’t have raised letters. If it did this would be a top 3 SGA of the year. I’m willing to look beyond this mishap by the manufacturer only because the bobble looks so damn good. This Chris Sale Boston Red Sox bobblehead scores a well deserved 9.5.