Bobble of the Day

Player: Scary Terry Rozier

Team: Boston Celtics

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Last year during the Celtics playoff run, Scary Terry dominated the fucking game. He’s a threat from everywhere on the floor and super popular around the league. Since Haywood came back this year, Scary Terry has not been getting the burn like last year and he’s pissed. He openly admitted that he wants more minutes and he’s god damn right.

Foco a while back manufactured this Rozier bobble and it sold out faster than Manny Machado not hustling down to first base. Rozier’s facial expression is downright amazing as he just drained a 3 and now he’s “punk taunting” the opponent by sticking out his tongue. The oval base has the Celtics logo on top and the back base has spooky letters outlining the phrase “Scary Terry Rozier”.




Sniper Rating: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Boston Celtics bobbleheads always hold their value. There’s something about the luck of the Irish, the team colors and the leprechaun logo. Fans all over love the Celtics and their bobbles.

Now, will Scary Terry be a 8 time All-Star? No way. Does he make the C’s a much better team whether starting or coming off the pine? Of course. I love this bobblehead because not too many role players have their own bobble and his nickname is as legit as it comes. You can display this all year around and especially around Halloween as it just drips spookiness. Scary Terry Rozier and his Boston Celtics exclusive bobblehead scores a dominant 9.0. Here’s how fucking smooth Scary Terry Is…