Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Lucky

Team: Boston Celtics

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

The Celtics have the longest and best winning tradition in the NBA by far, and yes, we also have the best mascot. Lucky the Leprechaun is the man and doesn’t matter what anyone says. Lucky is the shit and who wouldn’t want a leprechaun as their mascot? Just bouncing around The Garden for years, as he brings the Luck of the Irish to each game. Since we lost Kyrie for the rest of the year, we’ll need all the luck we can get. 

FOCO, came out with a new 2018 series called “Baller Bobbles” and Lucky steals the show hands down. The base is a basketball literally cut in half with a bright green imprint of “Lucky” on the front. It’s got the Celtics logo as two stickers on the sides for extra swag. Lucky himself, is decked out from head to toe in Irish apparel. The yellow vest and bow tie with green clovers show how special this bobblehead is. 



Sniper Rating: Lucky the Leprechaun bobbleheads are known to be very collectible and most are super hard to find. Celtics fan or not, this one needs to be in your display cabinet, as Lucky is a rarity in the mascot world. You just don’t see many leprechauns as mascots for a professional team, so this Lucky the Leprechaun Boston Celtics bobblehead scores a 9.4 rating without thinking twice. A super reasonable price of $30.00, look no further than scoring this at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame. Click the link below for a masterpiece of a collectible bobblehead.

2018 NBA Baller Bobbleheads (Presale)